Coaches Message Board

Coaches Message Board

Fall Registration Opens June 1st!

Game schedules will be on the TCYSA website once teams have been formed.
Click on the "Game Schedules" link located on the left-navigation frame to expand the section and show gender/age groups.

Coaches should check this site frequently because changes could occur with very little advance notice.

Whenever possible, coaches are encouraged to contact the opposing team coach to confirm game date/time/location.


Coach Q & A

Q: We just completed a game and I wish to report something. What do I do?

A: Send an email to Provide as much detail as you can (e.g., date of game, teams involved, name of center referee (if known)) and as much detail as possible about the situation. Be sure to include your name, day and evening telephone number, and email address (if different than the one used to submit the email).

Upcoming Coaching Education Opportunities 

None at this time please check back soon!

Coaches ~ "Getting Ready..."
Coaches should be ramping up for practices. If you missed the coaches meeting, please review the following:

- Review coaches packet and overview of "How to get ready..."
- Review Lystad Law (re: concussions) & Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Act

- Coaches should view this video on how to recognize and deal with head injuries

- Contact us for equipment distribution
- Contact us to sign-up for Team Stipends for volunteer hours directed to KITG tournament (as Field Marshalls)
- Contact us to sign-up for practice fields at Tumwater School District Fields
- Determine your practice schedule and notify parent/guardians
- Assign a parent/guardian to help you as the Team Manager

- All volunteers have cleared a background check through Affinity
- READ the TCYSA Updated Soccer Rules -- contact us if you have any questions

Who to contact...
- Coaching tips, "How to's" .: Josh Dube
- For equipment: John Kaikkonen
- For practice fields: Tiffany Leone
- Club or roster questions: Tiffany Leone
- Kick in the Grass Tournament questions:Tabitha Townsend

Coaches Checklist

Team Manager Duties

Coaches Handbook (Revised August 2016)

Summer Guidelines for Coaches/Referees 2017

Player Development Initiatives for August 2016

Referee Feedback Form


Coaches of any experience level are ALWAYS welcome to visit Blackhills Football Club practices to observe BFC coaching techniques or just to get some insight or guidance on how to become a more effective recreational coach. Contact James Charette for more infomation.

Thank you for supporting TSC Spring Soccer (and the kids!!).

The Lystedt Law HB 1824 (aka Zackery Lystedt Law)

Effective July 26, 2009, the State of Washington has enacted the Lystedt Law HB 1824 which addresses head injuries (e.g., concussions). A high-level overview follows:

1. An informed consent must be signed by parents/guardians and youth athletes acknowledging the risk of head injury prior to pracitce or competition.

2. A youth athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or heard injury must be removed from play -- "When in doubt, sit them out."

3. A youth athlete who has been removed from play must receive written clearance from a licensed health care provider prior to returning to play.

Parents/Guardians, youth athletes, coaches, and team managers are strongly advised to visit the WYS website and review the information pertaining to this new law WYS-Concussion Compliance Information

If you have any questions on the new law or the information on the WYS website, please call Elizabeth Flannery or Amy Wallsmith at the state office at 1-877-424-4318.


"Sudden Cardiac Arrest Awareness Act" Senate Bill 5083

The safety of our players is paramount to Washington Youth Soccer. Sudden cardiac arrest is the leading cause of death for youth athletes, with as many as 1 in 250 youth athletes having a heart disorder that may increase the risk of sudden cardiac arrest. On July 24, 2015, a new State of Washington law regarding sudden cardiac arrest awareness will go into effect. SB 5083 - referred to as the Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) Awareness Act - was passed by the Legislature and signed by the Governor with the intent of making youth athletes, their families, and coaches aware of sudden cardiac arrest.

Similar to the Zachery Lystedt Law (HB 1824) for concussion awareness passed in 2009, SB 5083 specifically outlines requirements for private nonprofit groups, such as youth soccer clubs/associations, to comply with prior to their first use of school facilities in Washington State by the private nonprofit group. For our member organizations, this means that each club/association that requests school fields/facilities must comply with SB 5083 before the school district will allow use of their facilities.

Requirements for Member Clubs and Associations

In order to comply with SB 5083, there are three main areas of immediate action for our clubs and associations:

  1. Annual Statement of Compliance (waiver) from Parent/Guardian and Player - each year, prior to the beginning of the soccer season, each registered soccer player and the player's parents and/or guardian must sign and submit to the club or association a statement of compliance that the player and parents have both reviewed anonline pamphlet providing information about sudden cardiac arrest.
  2. Coach Training and Certificate of Completion Every Three Years - every three years, each WA Youth Soccer coach and assistant coach must complete an online sudden cardiac arrest prevention program and submit a certificate showing completion of the program to the club/association. WIAA is still working on the training program for coaches; in the meantime, WIAA recommends the use of the National Federation of State High School Associations (NHFS) online training. The training takes approximately 15 minutes and is available for free at
  3. Statement of Compliance from Club/Association - when a club/association plans to use the fields of a school, it must then submit to the school district a Statement of Compliance, which is a certificate stating that it has the statements of compliance from the players and parents/guardians and the training certificates of completion from the coaches, in compliance with the Act.