Coaches' Message Board

Spring League Registration will open in January!

Fall game schedules will be on the TCYSA website once teams have been formed.
Click on the "Fall League 2014" link located on the left-navigation frame to expand the section and show gender/age groups.

Coaches should check this site frequently because changes could occur with very little advance notice.
Whenever possible, coaches are encouraged to contact the opposing team coach to confirm game date/time/location.

Coach Q & A

Q: We just completed a game and I wish to report something. What do I do?

A: Send an email to Provide as much detail as you can (e.g., date of game, teams involved, name of center referee (if known)) and as much detail as possible about the situation. Be sure to include your name, day and evening telephone number, and email address (if different than the one used to submit the email).

Upcoming Coaching Education Opportunities in District 7

Check back later for upcoming Coaches training

Coaches ~ "Getting Ready..."
Coaches should be ramping up for practices. If you missed the coaches meeting, please review the following:

- Review coaches packet and overview of "How to get ready..."
- Review Lystad Law (re: concussions)

> > Coaches should view this video on how to recognize and deal with head injuries

- Contact us for equipment distribution
- Contact us to sign-up for Team Stipends for volunteer hours directed to KITG tournament (as Field Marshalls)
- Contact us to sign-up for practice fields at Tumwater School District Fields
- Determine your practice schedule and notify parent/guardians
- Assign a parent/guardian to help you as the Team Manager
- Distribute the photo order form to families
- READ the TCYSA Updated Soccer rules -- contact us if you have any questions.

Who to contact...
- Coaching tips, "How to's" .: Kurt Gress
- For equipment: Craig Boone
- For practice fields: Kim Smack
- Roster questions: Sandy Smalley
- Team Stipend for KITG volunteer hours: Jeff Smalley

Email addresses for board members - click HERE.

Coaches Checklist

Team Manager Duties

Sports Photo Order Form

Official Summer Rules for 2013

>> Coaches of any experience level are ALWAYS welcome to visit Blackhills Football Club practices to observe BFC coaching techniques or just to get some insight or guidance on how to become a more effective recreational coach. Contact James Charette for more infomation

Thank you for supporting TSC Summer soccer (and the kids!!).

The Lystedt Law HB 1824 (aka Zackery Lystedt Law)

Effective July 26, 2009, the State of Washington has enacted the Lystedt Law HB 1824 which addresses head injuries (e.g., concussions). A high-level overview follows:

1. An informed consent must be signed by parents/guardians and youth athletes acknowledging the risk of head injury prior to pracitce or competition.

2. A youth athlete who is suspected of sustaining a concussion or heard injury must be removed from play -- "When in doubt, sit them out."

3. A youth athlete who hasbeen removed from play must receive written clearance from a licensed health care provider prior to returning to play.

Parents/Guardians, youth athletes, coaches, and team managers are strongly advised to visit the WSYSA Web site and review the information pertaining to this new law WSYSA-Concussion Compliance Information

If you have any questions on the new law or the information on the WSYSA Web site, please call Elizabeth Flannery or Amy Wallsmith at the state office at 1-877-424-4318.